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August 3, 2018
US to impose “crushing” set of sanctions on Russia’s debt and oil
Ben Aris in Berlin
A proposed "crushing" bipartisan bill introduced by the US Senate on August 2 will not be debated until the autumn and many of the harsh terms could be considerably watered down, Luis Saenz, the co-head of equities at BCS Global Markets
said in reaction to the latest round of blows between the two rivals.
Investors wary of Turkey’s tipping point
Akin Nazli in Belgrade and Will Conroy in Prague
The question of “Where is the tipping point for Turkey?” became that much more acute on August 2 as the market absorbed the impact of the US sanctioning two Turkish ministers in response to Ankara’s refusal to arrange
A bill was presented that targets Russian debt and energy companies, designed to punish Russia for interfering in the US presidential election, that includes penalties on debt and energy projects
as well as requiring a second “Kremlin Report” detailing President Vladimir Putin's wealth. The
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the release of pastor Andrew Brunson. The unprecedented move by Washington against
a fellow Nato member pushed the Turkish lira
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