Page 1 - EurOil Week 04 2022
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Issue 625             27•January•2022                     Week 04

                    ™     ™UK business irked by high energy bills

                            UK businesses have urged the government to take action to protect them and
                            households from high energy bills.

                    ™     ™Another European gas price spike

                            European gas prices have spiked once more on the back of heightened
                            tension between Russia and Ukraine.

                    ™     ™ar Energi plans IPO

                            Eni-owned Var Energi plans to hold an initial public offering, banking on
                            strong prospects for natural gas.

                    ™     ™Speedy recoup at Martin Linge

                            Equinor has said it expects to recoup all its investments in the Martin Linge
                            gas field off Norway by the end of 2022.
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