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                             Excelerate’s lease contract for the Bahia LNG terminal will terminate in December 2023 (Photo: Bahia Pilots)

       Petrobras, Excelerate sign Bahia LNG lease

                         BRAZIL’S national oil company (NOC) Petro-  lease covers assets associated with Bahia LNG
                         bras said earlier this week that it had signed a   – namely, a 45-km pipeline that runs from ter-
                         leasing contract for the Bahia LNG terminal   minal facilities in the port of Bahia to exit points
                         with US-based Excelerate Energy.     in São Francisco do Conde and São Sebastião
                           In a statement, Petrobras estimated the value   do Passé, along with the power-generating facil-
                         of the deal at BRL102mn ($18.8mn). It also   ities in the Madre de Deus Waterway Terminal
                         noted that the contract would remain in force   (TEMADRE).
                         until December 2023, “in addition to other   Excelerate and Petrobras reached agreement
                         ancillary contracts associated with the process.”  on the terms of the leasing contract in August of
                           The NOC went on to say that it was now   this year. The US-based company was the only
                         working with Excelerate to transfer licences and   part to submit an offer for Bahia LNG, though
                         authorisations for the deployment of a floating   it had been one of nine parties pre-qualified to
                         storage and regasification unit (FSRU) at Bahia   participate in the tender. Its first bid was dis-
                         LNG. Once this milestone is reached, the state-  qualified in June, but the NOC later accepted a
                         ment said, Petrobras will be able to move the   revised proposal.
                         Golar Winter, a 138,000 cubic metre FSRU that   This was the second time that Petrobras has
                         is currently present at the terminal, to another   tried to tender the Bahia LNG contract. The first
                         LNG import facility in Pecém, a port in Ceará   attempt failed last year, when the state-owned
                         State. This will clear the way for Excelerate to   company determined that none of the offers it
                         deploy one of its own FSRUs at Bahia.  had received were valid, and the second bidding
                           According to previous reports, Excelerate’s   contest was launched in February 2021. ™

                                                FALKL AND ISL ANDS
       Harbour Energy exits controversial

       Sea Lion project offshore Falklands

                         UK-HEADQUARTERED independent Har-    not intend to continue working in the region.
                         bour Energy has said it will pull out of the con-  “While the Sea Lion discovery has significant
                         troversial Sea Lion oil project off the coast of the   resource potential, development of the project
                         Falkland Islands.                    is not deemed a strategic fit for Harbour,” the
                           In a recent statement, it explained that it did   London-listed firm said in a results statement.

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