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     When I Walk Down the Street
When I walk down the street, I am amazed to see, people of so many cultures and backgrounds. They are my neighbors, yet so different from me, so many new lessons and values to be found
People from countries far far away,
and those who grew up just across the street. We all have different ways of living our days. We all march to our own beat.
It can be intimidating, things so unknown. Things I cannot fully understand.
But learning is important as it has been shown.
We have to learn to love every woman, every man.
Because we are all created with good in our hearts, and we all need to accept others and to do our part. So next time you walk down the street,
try to learn from the people that you meet.
If we all join in, the world may just be more complete
Max Ross ’22
CLE | Amber Lewandowski ’21
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Paul Revere by John Singleton with a Quarantine Twist | Max Ross ’22

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