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 When Will It End
Home is where we stay,
By ourselves everyday.
No friends to reach out and hug,
Staying in a bed but not feeling snug.
We can’t go to the mall,
Or really anywhere at all.
Not allowed at amusement parks,
So instead we just sit and wait in the dark.
We sit in our classes behind a screen,
Not learning anything; just working like a machine. Trying our best to get everything done,
But there’s no motivation; we never have fun.
We thought it would be a two week break,
The sadness of our thinking mistake.
Months and months of isolation,
Everyone hates the world’s situation.
But has it really been that bad sitting here alone?
Finding who you truly are with all this time on your own. Try to live the best you can,
Because if we’ve learned anything it’s that you aren’t guaranteed a full
Sara DiMassa ’23
The Country Shuts Down
The country shuts down. Everyone is excited,
No school, no work, no responsibilities.
Extra long spring break Everyone is happy
No frown in sight.
You wake up the next morning Is this real life?
The realization sets in, All the uncertainty. You’re now all alone. No one to touch,
No one to hug,
No one to hold you when you’re sad.
Night after night
Tear after tear
You wonder when you will be allowed
to see him again.
Late night calls,
Frustrated at the world You both bicker
You both fight.
Oh God, Oh God.
Please make this end.
Julia Taylor ’23
  Bloom | Ava Ornas ’23

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