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Zoom Crush
My tired eyes rested upon his face, and he lit up my screen and world, I pinned him to the center of my laptop and my stomach swirled. This zoom call was boring my soul,
Until he joined and made me feel whole.
He might not have noticed me, but I couldn’t help but stare,
So much so that when the teacher yelled my name, I fell out of my chair. Of course he took notice to that, giggling like a clown,
Unmuted himself to ask, if I just felt like laying down.
I appreciated his raspy voice filled with sarcasm,
So I couldn’t help but joke with him, packed with enthusiasm.
The teacher got flustered and threatened detention, But she wasn’t the one that had my attention.
She hadn’t noticed me gazing at her like I want her autograph, But when she fell out of her chair, I couldn’t help but laugh.
I made a sarcastic comment hoping she would play along,
To my luck, she fired back and called me a ding-dong.
We laughed like we were the only ones on the zoom,
Ignoring everyone else, all in their respective room.
Her smile was beaming more than the highest brightness on my laptop, Suddenly, I don’t want this online class to stop.
I may never see her beautiful self in person,
But maybe one day I can if this virus does not worsen. She makes my day full of virtual learning a lot more fun,
I guess I’m glad this year has only just begun.
Carly Frattare ’22
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