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The wind takes me dancing
Bounds and leaps of prancing
We fall and decorate the ground with leaves
Tiny critters trembling out like little thieves
But they, too, join us in our dancing
Their little jamble is quite entrancing
So as we follow suit
The wind decides to add his flute
Playing us a tune both far and old
Passing down legends as the music was told
So we skip about, not minding a thing
We spin and jump, add steps to the swing.
And Time starts to wander
Adding his own beat from far over yonder.
Time ticks a hypnotic tune
As stars fly above to waltz around the moon
And as the night is shining brightly
I hold the music in my heart tightly
Because when the wind takes me dancing, the song will not cease Because the winds keeps singing this rhythm past my decease And as the Moon looks down at our masquerade
She reminds me of nature’s tranquil serenade
Of blissful grass swaying in the breeze
And the melody played by the buzzing of bees
For the wind’s singing and dancing truly never ends
Because, in the wind, I have found myself friends.
Emily Padavick ’23
Falling Hope | Amber Lewandowski ’21

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