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   Nature Healing | Ashley Ruda ’22 ‘I’ Statements
I miss the feeling of a hug without worry Because the memory of one is a bit blurry.
I miss my grandparents house every Sunday. I hope I get to go there again someday.
I miss crowded hallways and everyone pushing by.
Now they are empty, quiet and make me sigh.
I wish we didn’t have to stand so far apart Because then we could still speak heart to heart.
I hate being locked in my home for months. I just want to go outside for once.
I wish i wasn’t so constantly suffocated
by the mask that lays on my face.
Because my smile is covered and we are stuck with in this disgrace
I wish we weren’t so scared of the unknown I wish Covid-19 didn’t make us feel so alone.
Morgan Dailey ’23
Just to be Heard
Shielded with a fabric muzzle
My nose and lips press against the softness Wonderful for some
But not for me.
My already solemn voice
Gets muted out behind my protector. Muted for my own good, they say.
In the wake of nationwide riots
I feel my dull voice aching to be heard, And nothing.
Held back from a vicious world,
Always cautious.
Our masks tell a story about us now, Proclaiming our slogans and symbols, And mine is plain
I’ve got nothing to say
And everything to say.
Just to be heard once again.
Darcy Burke ’23

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