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The World Ending?
One day everyone went insane for the world had shut down
No longer could you touch another nor could you leave your home
Day by day the number of cases would increase in every town
It seem as if the virus was able to go from person to person as an aimless roam
One day I looked out my window and wondered when will this end
When will I be able to not worry about suffering from a disease with no cure When will I be able to talk and pass time with my friends
When will I be able to wake up and no long be unsure
Unsure about the health of those I can not visit
Unsure about who or what I may come in contact with
There is no new normal here, there has to be some sort of limit No one would believe this happened if it were a simple myth
Will one day the new normal return to the familiar Or will the number of cases forever be pending The state of the world can not remain this peculiar Will it get better or is the world ending?
Adriana Gasiewski ’22
Amsterdam | Andrew Rivera ’24
       Toad on Porch | Ashley Ruda ’22
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Andrew Rivera ’24

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