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 The Song I Never Sang
There’s an old tune on my heart, That’s playing on repeat.
It’s got a nice melody,
And a pretty steady beat.
The song is sung by my soul, And the heart’s got the refrain, The lungs sing the lyrics,
And the music’s in the brain.
It’s a song sung by many, Ones that don’t even know, Sung by my memories,
Of times not long ago.
Sung by the people,
The ones inside my heart, The ones always on my brain, Even when we’re far apart.
There’s an old tune on my heart, One I’ve never sang of,
But it’s an achingly good song, The tune that I call Love.
Riley George ’22
Life Goes On
As I sat in my room wondering when life would return to normal,
I noticed the subtle glow of the sun hitting my walls.
All day I had been searching for answers about this new Pandemic,
But in that moment, when I saw the golden sun reflecting off my gray, gloomy walls I suddenly felt a glimpse of hope.
Not only did this revelation boost my spirits for the day,
It gave me a new perspective of the world I had never seen before.
I now understood why all of this was happening,
And how this change would impact the lives of so many.
But I still remain hopeful that one day, the world may just return to normal.
Abby Recker ’23
  I Spy | Ashley Ruda ’22

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