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   Umbrella Clouds | Carissa Morabito ’23 1
A cold spring day living life as we know. Confusion breaks out, we all look around. Perhaps life would not be as it had minutes ago. We are homebound.
Awestruck faces, confusion, fear, turned to bored and dismal frowns. Days, weeks, months, through the year, we are homebound.
What day is it? Monday, Friday, who cares? A day is a day as the world spins ‘round. Go out and get groceries, don’t you dare! We are homebound.
The world is hurting, not getting better. Struggle upon struggle in cities and towns. This is an issue better fought together,
but how can we when we are homebound.
The trouble is true not one can deny,
but maybe we needed some time homebound.
When we find our way through all of this,
Maybe there are meanings and values to be found. After all, home is where the heart is.
As society reopens, the world starts moving, Let’s take time to think about what we are doing. Let’s be kind to each other and work to improve. Let’s be safe and respectful and honest and true. Let’s start fresh, better and new.
We must never forget these lessons and values newly found. We must never forget when we were homebound.
Max Ross ’22

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