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Stay at Home | Ashely Ruda ’22
Padua Franciscan’s Literary and Art Magazine
To our readers:
Here lies a collection of literary works and art works. These were created and submitted by several students from Padua Franciscan High School. The literary works contain the trials and triumphs of different student’s COVID experiences. Some of the works provide an insight into how the individual is dealing with a new reality, while others chose to escape the foreign world they are living in and created their own fantasy world.
The world we have been living in for a year now has been vastly different than what we’ve ever experienced beforehand. It was a huge change for most and caused a large array of emotions. These new changes inspired those who submitted their work to this collection. Whether they were inspired by their own experiences of quarantine or through general means, they still were able to conceive something through their minds and through their hearts.
The COVID Pandemic has caused many people to become isolated from the rest of the world; whether it’s physically due to quarantine and paranoia of getting sick, or socially, having to be apart from those we love. This collection of works reunites us as a Padua Family by giving us a chance to see what each other is going through, relating to each other’s ups and downs of the pandemic, and realizing that we do not stand alone in the midst of all of this isolation.
Madison Gallagher ’21 Madelyn Graham ’21 Megan Hamilton ’21 Kalei Wenzel ’23

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