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Spanish IA is designed to cover the first half of Spanish I during the first year of instruction, followed by the second half of Spanish I during the second year of instruction in Spanish IB. After successfully completing IB, students are prepared to continue study in Spanish II.
In Spanish IA students work on the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; the instructor will use differentiated instructional techniques and will place more emphasis on listening and speaking. Specific areas of conversation practice include basic daily vocabulary and grammatical structures. Some Spanish culture and customs are also presented.
Year 1 Credit Grade 11 Req: Successful completion of Spanish 1A
This course is offered concurrently with Spanish I. It begins with a review of the material covered in Spanish IA. Emphasis is placed once again on the mastery of Spanish I vocabulary and grammatical structures. Reading and writing skills are expanded and correct intonation and pronunciation are stressed along with the presentation of Spanish culture and customs. Students will expand their vocabulary and conversational ability while they complete the second half of the course, which prepares them for Spanish II should they wish to continue in the study of foreign language.
Year 1 Credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Req: Successful completion of Spanish I (or Spanish IB); grade 9 requires Department approval
This course builds on the foundations laid during the beginning levels of language study. Correct pronunciation, intonation and usage continue to be stressed. Classroom instruction is conducted mostly in Spanish and students are expected to respond and converse in Spanish using expanded vocabulary and structures. Although listening and speaking are still emphasized, students will read passages with controlled vocabulary and write short creative paragraphs on familiar topics. Presentations on Spanish culture, history and geography will be included. CDS, videos and workbook exercises will supplement the text.
Year 1 Credit Grades 11, 12 (9, 10) Req: Successful completion of Spanish II and teacher approval
This course begins with a review of grammatical structures presented in levels I and II and introduces new vocabulary within the context of conversation, reading and writing. Students are later introduced to higher level structures, including the use of the subjunctive, which is commonplace in the Spanish language, and other verb tenses used in daily conversation, newspaper articles, television and movies. Literature in the form of short stories by various Spanish authors is introduced during the second semester. Students are expected to write compositions and give short oral presentations on topics within their experience, using the vocabulary and structures being studied.
Year 1 Credit Grades 11, 12 (9, 10) Req: Successful completion of Spanish II and teacher approval
Beginning with an intense review of grammar and vocabulary, this course develops an integrative approach to writing, reading, listening and speaking. Vocabulary skills are developed throughout the year. Students will write short compositions and articles, begin to read a variety of literary selections with understanding, and enhance their speaking and listening skills though constant conversation and oral presentations in class.
The history of Spain is discussed and cultural aspects of Hispanic society are presented. Classes are enhanced with videos, CDs, guest speakers and group activities. Spanish is spoken throughout the class period.

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