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 We are excited to share with you the first issue of The South Texas Edge! The purpose of this newsletter is to share information, interviews, and
sales strategies to help elevate and sharpen our selling skills. Each
of us has a unique selling style and there is absolutely no shortage of great talent in
this region! The goal is to highlight some of this talent and create an environment that exceeds "best practice sharing" . Each monthly newsletter will focus on a different theme. Because it is critical to exceed the expectations for each of our brands, we will focus on "Launch" for this first issue. For OCS representatives, the launch of Wegovy is front and center. The obesity team is working hard to introduce Wegovy to customers and to help the millions of patients suffering from this chronic disease. For DCS representatives, many of the skills and tactics necessary for a successful launch are still important and can positively impact the current growth trends. Our diabetes team is laser focused on driving change to defeat diabetes for the millions of patients suffering. Sema surge is here everyone! We have the skill, the best in class products, and the team who will deliver!
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