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I had a call with the top D DBM in the South Texas Region, Adrian Rodriquez to find out what his team has been doing and what he thinks has helped lead them to such a successful POA. This is what I found out:
When I asked Adrian what he and his team are doing differently that has led to success this POA, he answered, We didn’t wait. He told me that his team executed 65 mChats and broadcasts in 6 months. They completed 142 total programs in the fist 6 months which included 77 live interface programs. He said that they planned the speaker that would be the most impactful for each program. They chose speakers who were advocates and had experience with Rybelsus and Ozempic. They targeted clinics in their top 100 for the programs. They also held joint programs with targeted offices to keep attendance limited and the environment more personal. He said that they created a Launch environment which made their providers want to come out.
He mentioned that 4DX has also played a role in Coastal Bends success this POA. They work by the 4DX principles and have 4DX meetings on Mondays and Fridays each week to hold each other accountable to their commitments.
When I asked about specific messaging, he said that Coastal Bend really promotes the molecule. He said that the providers must buy into the molecule, and they can’t discredit the oral formulation.
Coastal Bend also focuses on having clinical conversations around patients with renal impairment, where they highlight that Rybelsus has no dose adjustments for those patients.
To measure success in their clinics they look at NBRX. If the DPP4s and SGLT2s NBRX are going down and Ryblesus’s NBRX is going up, they are on the right track, and if not, they know they have more work to do with that provider.
Interface programs, 4DX, messaging the power of the Semaglutide molecule with a broad range of appropriate patients and pre-call planning has helped lead Coastal Bend to the top of the Leader Board this POA.

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