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Team Building and Performance Excellence
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ivan Blacksmith, ODBM of South Texas to discuss what he believes are the essentials for successful team building and what he attributes to the recent success of the Obesity team.
When it comes to team building, the name of the team says it all, La Familia, The Dream Team. Ivan excitedly said, to build a successful team, you must unleash the power of the collective blending of each individual talent to operate in unison, to achieve at the highest level.
How do you do that, I asked? Therein lies the challenge Ivan mentioned "because it’s likened to a recipe where individually the butter, eggs, vanilla extract, and other ingredients are not savory alone but collectively, those same ingredients (when blended) can create an epicurean’s delight."
In other words, the team’s ability to add their own individual ingredient (of performance excellence), Salesmanship/Messaging, Building Business Relevant Relationships, Understanding the Market -- raises the overall aptitude and potential of the team.
He stated that he is honored to be the servant leader of the Dream Team and strives to create an environment where trust, team sharing, recognition and respectful accountability is alive and well and this stated "this starts with me; I own that!"
He said " To be honest, things started off very slow for us and it was a little frustrating because we were not seeing fruits of our labor. " The team conducted interface after interface, had 4DX performance calls, and everyone was engaged, but the execution didn’t seem to manifest into the expected performance. This is where that blending process that he spoke about earlier is important. He believes everyone took it personal and wanted to raise their individual performance for the betterment of the team. There were several weeks in a row during POA2 when they were down, frustration set in, but no one lost focus and during this time The Dream Team leaned on one another and the game plan to weather the storm.
Our Recipe for Success included
Selling to The Segmentation
(R3) Right Message x Right Frequency x Right HCP
Did you get what you came for? (moving HCP mindset on each call) “Protecting the House” (Managed Care Focus)
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