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 He said no one questioned the commitment to one another or our culture, they just kept planting " good seeds", believing that at some point, things would rebound; and they did!
One week at goal turned into two and excitement begin to build. As POA2 ended, the dream team had rattled off the following achievements which excited the entire team.
10 weeks in a row at or above goal
The Most Obesity ATH’s in The West Area (6)
National Bests for Performance Indicators (TRX’s, NBRX’s)
Executed the most pre-launch Wegovy Lunches/Dinners in the West Strong Wegovy Launch & Performance (Doubling our Business Weekly)
Ivan shared with me that his wife told him that he seemed very excited. He said after being with team for 8 months, this is probably the most talented team he's ever been around- It’s a DREAM TEAM! He told her that if everyone continues to add their unique ingredient for the remainder of 2021, collective accomplishment will become the framework of the DRIVE, PERFORMANCE & CONTINUOUS SUCCESS...
“Unity Always Precedes Greatness” Go Dream Team!

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