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"Focus on key prescribers with a system and support process in place. Understand the office dynamics and their potential hurdles and challenges. Keep in contact with a champion in the office. Make sure the key office staff feel comfortable reaching out to
you anytime they need guidance or support." -Amir Elsayed, Executive OCS- Austin
"Find a champion or champions on Day 1! Find a group of physicians that are willing to get clinical experience out of the gate."
-Sheila Armstrong, Executive DCS- Mission
"When you hear a patient success story from a physician or mid-level provider who prescribes the product, take that success story and share that with others who may not have put pen to pad. Most times HCPs gain comfort level in prescribing a new product when their trusted colleagues have started patients on therapy."
- Jennifer Arrerondo, Senior DCS- McAllen
" The most important tactic I have implemented is creating "the ultimate customer experience". Providing this level of service has always contributed to my success."
- Aileen Thomas, Senior OCS- Galveston
"Have a deep understanding of the clinical data and what differentiates your product from the competitors. In order to drive behavioral change you must have a deep understanding of why your clinicians choose the competitor product and be able to communicate the why, what, and how for your product."
-Carol Mejia, Senior DCS-San Antonio Southwest
"Proper targeting and the appropriate amount of facetime with key targets. See your most important customers that will write initially a mininum of twice per week."
-John Durst, Executive EDCS-Houston West
"Our collaborative approach to impacting the business has been very focused, determined, and strategic. And our execution of it is what makes the difference." -Iliana Martinez, Sr. Diabetes Educator-Rio Grande Valley

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