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        The Dream Team is on a roll! The Obesity group is hyper focused on the successful launch of the first and only once weekly GLP-1 receptor agonist for chronic weight management. Led by the one and only, “El Jefe”, Ivan Blacksmith, this team is prepared and excited to show the area and the nation what the Dream Team is all about. This is a team with no shortage of resilience and grit! Everyone is setting ambitious goals and striving for excellence! Finishing the POA in strong fashion for Saxenda- The Dream Team is #1 in the nation 4x4 NBRx and for several consecutive weeks the district has been GREEN across all
performance indicators. Everyone is green in 13x13 NBRX and posted many new writers! In the area ranks, Saxenda was #1 for ATH's! While Saxenda finished strong, Wegovy is well on its way!
There has been tremendous noise and excitement and unprecedented demand for Sema-O! 3 weeks into the launch and the momentum is building at a fast pace! 6 team members posted double digit numbers week early in the launch- San Antonio North, Houston NW, Houston SW, Houson NE, Houston Med Center and Corpus Christi. EVERYONE on the team has executed flawlessly and the excitement continues to build! With all product launches, there’s new learnings, potential obstacles, and challenges, but this team continues to excel and look ahead. Here WE-GO-VY!
Everyone has a unique selling style. In order to ensure our success, we each provide our own individual "ingredient" which results in a "recipe for success." -Ivan

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