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To win in the second half of the year, the obvious must haves include a successful launch of Wegovy and the continued growth in volume and market share of Rybelsus and Ozempic. Every customer engagement can make a difference.
In 2019, the Salesmanship Workstream of our STAT team, under JT’s leadership and Kirk’s direction, rolled out a “Scott Moldenhauer – Persuasion Consultants” training program for the region that focused on influencing our customers through a series of helpful pre-call planning tools. Our goal here is to introduce some key concepts to help all of us in our planning and execution of successful HCP encounters. Attached below is a video where Scott Moldenhauer discusses the value of an “Active Commitment”.
Before watching this video, ask yourself, “Do I remind, or, do I ask? Think about it. When it comes to driving sales through changing customer habits and trying something new, are reminders going to be enough? Will reminders get you the results you want? This short video challenges the passive reminder mindset by comparing it to direct questions that require a response.
Whether you agree with this video or not, we encourage you to discuss this with your partners, your mentor or your manager.
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