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First impressions count and none more so than when buying a house. In fact, research by Barclays Mortgages suggests that a third of potential buyers won’t bother viewing a house if they don’t like what they see on the outside.
“A well-maintained garden with clearly de ned, landscaped spaces can easily add 10 per cent to the value of a home,” says Redbrik’s David Cooper.
“Presentation is key. Ensure cars are o  the driveway and the garden is uncluttered and tidy. Simple things like ensuring the lawn is mown, fallen leaves are tidied away and adding a few brightly coloured shrubs or pot plants can make all the di erence to the kerb appeal of a property.”
Of course, if you really want to add some wow factor to your property then you might want to consider a garden makeover. However there’s no need to break the bank as most buyers have
their own vision for the garden. These tips from property and garden experts will help you make the best of your outside space and reap what you sow when it comes to selling.
David Cooper, Director at Redbrik, has these suggestions:
• Keep it simple and low maintenance. Buyers with busy
lives may be put o  by fussy borders and features which require a lot of maintenance.
• Buyers crave privacy and so clever use of fences, walls and trees can really help to screen your property from neighbouring houses and improve safety for children and pets.
• Water features can add a calm feel to a garden but beware of deep ponds or pools as these can put o  buyers with young children and add extra maintenance costs.
• Buyers are looking for  exible spaces so outdoor buildings such as summer houses and garden o ces can double up as a home o ce or gym.
• Storage is important, especially in houses with no garage, so consider installing a shed or utilising an existing garden outhouse as a storage space.
Shaun Coupe, from S Coupe Landscapes, o ers the following advice:
• Lighting is important and can really make your garden a social space on summer evenings. There are some great options available inexpensively from large garden centres or DIY stores.
• If you’re planning a new hard standing area then avoid decking if you can as it has a short lifespan and requires too much

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