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maintenance. If you already have decking then clean and treat it yearly to keep it looking its best.
• Modern gardens should feel like an extension of the living area so if you have patio or bifold doors consider adding a  at terrace outside and try to match the outside  ooring materials to those used inside.
• Traditional ponds can be di cult
to maintain so if you’re keen on water features try a contemporary stainless steel rill or shallow re ective pool.
• Garden o ces can be very attractive spaces for those working from home and there are so many great options available. They are generally considered as permitted development so usually don’t require planning permission – however do check with your local council or garden designer  rst.
Neil Grant, of Ferndale Garden Centre in Dron eld and BBC Radio She eld’s gardening expert, has these tips:
• When adding plants to spruce
up an existing garden for selling
you should concentrate on ‘focal points’. For example the view from the lounge, the kitchen window, and the approach to the front door.
Adding quick colour from bedding plants is easy to do and very e ective.
• Fast growing large shrubs such as hydrangea and spiraea japonica will  ll up large borders quickly and inexpensively.
• Pots are brilliant for quickly adding garden appeal and when you move you can take them with you! Lavender smells amazing and looks great planted en masse in matching contemporary troughs or classic terracotta urns.
• Herb gardens are increasingly popular and add a certain lifestyle appeal. Position it near the kitchen door if possible or use a raised planter in smaller gardens.
• Invest a little time in sorting out your lawn. Weeding, scarifying and feeding it will make a huge di erence. If you are selling your home consider paying someone to do this for you if you haven’t
got the time, it will be a worthwhile investment.
S Coupe Landscapes is based in Chester eld. Tel: 01246 824824
Ferndale Garden Centre, Dyche Lane, Coal Aston, Dron eld.

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