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Staying Focused – Getting

       Things Done

                              COMMUNITY GARDEN PILLAR: Committed to
                              establishing a base of community gardens
                              through collaboration and partnerships.

                              In addition to the Soulful Seeds community
                              gardens, with our partners’ we have formed
                              and organized a Community Food
                              Coalition focused on Food Security.

                              We have pulled  together organizations’
                              that want to provide fresh food to those in
                              need, small and medium farmers’ and
                              agencies that have the ability to maximize
                              the distribution of fresh food.

                              This will eliminate duplication of services
                              and maximize the amount of food provided
                              to the homeless, working poor, families,
                              youth, veterans and seniors.

       Pillar 1               Soulful Seeds is doing its’ part, through a
                              CARES Act Grant, provided by the City of
                              Reno, which allowed us to purchase food
                              from local farmers, at a discount rate and
                              provide it to those in need.  To Date we
                              have been able to:

                              •    Provide over 13,000 thousand pounds
                                   fresh dairy, plus meat and vegetables
                                   to the “Our Place” residents, St. Paul’s
                                   Food Pantry in Sparks and St. Francis
                                   Food Pantry in Reno.
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