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Key Players/Supporters

                                  Soulful Seeds is not doing this alone.  We are a conduit for community players to

                                  contribute to making a difference in our area.

            Company                                                      Services/Product                                            Cost

            Washoe County                                                Consulting, Advisory etc.                                   Land Partner

            State Of Nevada                                              Consulting, Advisory etc.                                   Land Partner

            Stone Gate                                                   Consulting, Rendering                                       Pro Bono - Development

            Lumos & Associates                                           Topographic Survey, Site Grading and                        Pro Bono – Site Survey

                                                                         Drainage Plans

            TMWA                                                         Backflow Preventer, Main Irrigation Lines,                  Student Support

            Western Nevada Supply                                        Irrigation Supplies                                         Pro Bono

            Plan B Ranch                                                 Consulting and Material                                     Pro Bono

            Curtis Brothers Construction                                 Consulting and Construction Services                        Pro Bono/Discount

            Full Circle Compost                                          Consulting and discounted soil material                     Discount
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