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Here is a snapshot of what to expect at Cub Camp.

 Morning: Flag ceremony  •  Breakfast  •  Activity sessions  CUB SCOUT FAMILY
 Afternoon: Lunch  •  Activity sessions  •  Free time/family time

 Evening: Dinner
 Evening activities: campfire programs, guest presentations

 ACTIVITIES  Session 1: July 11–14 | Session 2: July 14–17

 Camp Fleischmann offers Cub Scouts and their families plenty of activities to explore

 the outdoors and learn new skills.

 Waterfront   Nature
 Floating Water Slide, Canoeing, Sailing, Rowing,   Astronomy, Fishing, Geology, Creating
 Swimming  Constellations, Nature Hike, Observe the Night
 Sky, Signs of Animals
 Tallest Scout Camp climbing wall in the West; 7   Handicraft
 climbing walls to explore; Bouldering, Rappelling  Basketry, Leatherwork, Woodcarving, Art, Soap
 Carving, Whittling Chip for Bears and Webelos,
 Outdoor Skills  and more

 First Aid Skills, Camping, Cooking, Compass
 Scavenger Hunt, Hiking, Knot tying  Other Explorations
 Flag Etiquette, Making Musical Instruments,
 “The Ridge”  Catapults, Campfire, Wrist Rockets, Programs,
 Mountain Man and Native American Indian Experience  Forensic Experiments, Service Projects, and more

 Shooting Sports

 BB Guns, Sling Shots, Archery

  $220 per child (5 and over)  Escape to the mountains for a few days of family fun at Camp Fleischmann

  $150 per adult  REGISTER NOW  with your Cub Scouts, Tigers, and Webelos for nature, learning, and adventure.
 0-4 year olds attend at no cost  Camp is open to BSA families of Tigers, Cub Scouts, and Webelos.
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