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                           Unplug from the world and immerse yourself in the

                           rugged serenity of Lassen Volcanic National Park

                           as you backpack and camp your way through 30+

                           miles of wilderness in 5 days.

                          7 REASONS TO TREK

                          • Summit Mt. Harkness, an ancient shield volcano for views of Mt. Shasta, the

                             Sierra Mountains, and the Coastal Range.

                          • Visit lava beds, painted duns, and summit Cinder Cone.

                          • Camp at the most beautiful lakes found in this part of the park: Indian Lake,

                             Snag Lake and Swan Lake.

                          • Enjoy stunning views of Mt. Lassen along the trail.

                          • Hike a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, passing thru hikers on

                             their way to Canada.

                          • Rappel from “The Cliffs”, a highlight for campers at Camp Fleischmann.

 SCOUT                    • Return to Camp Fleischmann Friday afternoon to participate in campwide
                             games, the Seneca Run, and closing campfire.

 BACKPACKING TREK                                    PRICING: 4 NIGHTS/5 DAYS

                                                           $299 per participant

                                          Trek groups consist of eight youth and one adult.
 WEEK 1: JUNE 20–26  | WEEK 2: JUNE 27–JULY 3 | WEEK 3: JULY 3–10

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