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January 2014

The technology makes it

easier for multi-location 
Top Phone businesses to connect ofices 

System in different regions. With all 
these beneits, we’re betting 

Trends to SIP trunking keeps its current 

Keep an Eye
momentum going next year

o n i n 
l Web conferencing
Organizations place greater emphasis on 
mobile: On-the-go employees are omnipresent in 
today’s workforce, and businesses are looking for 
ways to help these mobile workers communicate 
more efectively.
Allowing employees to take their oice 
extension with them wherever they travel— 
through the use of mobile clients—makes them R
more accessible without having to give out egardless of the industry your business trunk purchased from an Internet telephony 
their personal numbers, which is a win for occupies, having the foresight to recognize service facilitates both voice and data P
developing trends gives you an advantage
communications, meaning companies can cut IERI
Companies look to remove telephony burden over your competition. Insight into the future is costs by reducing the number of phone lines they 
from IT: Between application development, also helpful for business communications. If your have to pay to use. Additionally, the technology by Chrystalla Pieri, Assistant 
network security and organizational company is up on the inherent beneits aforded makes it easier for multi-location businesses to Marketing Manager, 3CX
troubleshooting, IT teams have enough on by the latest technologies, you stand to gain a
connect oices in diferent regions. With all these 
their plates without spending hours every week leg up over competition that isn’t paying as close beneits, we’re betting SIP trunking keeps its 
working on a business phone system. As such, attention. And with 2015 set to be an exciting best-in-class WebRTC-based solutions, launching current momentum going next year.
executives will continue to look for ways to year for business communications, there are a a conference is simple for the organizer as well, Businesses continue to unify communications: 
reduce the amount of time these employees number of key trends to keep an eye on:
requiring just a few mouse clicks. For these Businesses of all sizes across various sectors
spend on the phone preoccupied with system WebRTC comes to the forefront: WebRTC reasons and more, Dean Bubley at Disruptive are already using uniied communications, and 
monitoring and maintenance. One of the most facilitates conference calling and video Analysis predicts the global WebRTC market
with good reason. Next year companies will 
efective ways to remove some of that burden
conferencing through Web browsers, breaking will reach $4.8 billion by 2018 with over 2 billion continue to cut costs, simplify communications 
is by adopting a phone system that runs on down communications barriers in the process. users by 2019.
infrastructure and enhance collaboration with 
familiar technology—like 3CX Phone System
Rather than having to download a plugin or SIP trunking adoption grows: SIP trunking features like:
for Windows—that can be easily installed and client, for example, employees and customers allows businesses to switch to IP-PBX telephony l Uniied messaging
managed by lower level IT personnel without any can enter a conference simply by clicking a link without having to completely overhaul their l Presence
telecom expertise. n
the conference organizer sends their way. With
entire communications infrastructure. A SIP
l Chat/instant messaging

Turning in Your

Hardware for


hanks to the proliferation
of cloud computing, many E
companies are more conident LLIOT
about removing the shackles that 
attach them to their on-premises by Amy Elliot 
equipment and harnessing the Marketing 
cost-efectiveness and power of
the Internet to meet their business 
Cost savings. By deciding to 
Increasingly, organizations are deploy an IP-PBX, businesses
deciding it’s time to free themselves are signiicantly reducing both 
from vendor lock-in by getting rid of CAPEX and OPEX. For starters, 
their proprietary PBX hardware and telephony hardware doesn’t have to 
choosing to deploy IP-PBX telephony be purchased in the irst place. On 
top of that, companies bear no costs 
Additionally, instead of buying relating to storing, managing and 
physical desk phones, these maintaining PBX hardware. Instead, 
companies are also realizing that administrators can simply supervise 
sotphone sotware serves as a more the solution via sotware, tweaking 
versatile replacement.
conigurations from a graphical user with them, so to speak. By installing Scalability. he needs of your reduce its number of endpoints
If you’re looking to reduce interface or a Web-based portal as sotphones on your employees’ business may change at a moment’s ater the rush passes. With IP-PBX 
unnecessary expenses or modernize needs arise.
mobile devices, they are able to notice. As such, you might technology, seats are added and 
your communications infrastructure, Accessibility. In today’s access their mission-critical voice experience demand for many new subtracted with ease. Administrators 
it might be time to take a look at increasingly mobile world, workers communications no matter where endpoints to accommodate company simply need to add additional lines 
IP-PBX technology. Here are three are constantly on the go. Luckily, they happen to be, so long as they growth.
to your network—they don’t have to 
beneits you’re certain to realize by technology has evolved to the point are connected to the Internet or a On the other side of the coin, a worry about buying or installing new 
adopting it:
where they can take their oices
cellular network.
seasonal business might have to
hardware and wiring. n

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