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 “The ad space in BPS HEADLINES has made our existence known
to many parents of school age children. Families drove by our location for years without noticing us,” said Laurie Whittaker, owner, Code Ninjas Viera. “This has been the best use of our ad dollars and I totally recommend them to other businesses looking to connect with all of Brevard County.”
We all know folks live on their devices these days so BPS aims to meet them where they live and give them news and information in the palm of their hands or on their desktops. When parents register their children for school they give BPS an email address and cell phone number so the school district can reach them. This gives schools have options for pushing messages out to parents. Those options provide opportunities for your ad to tag along with the school or district’s publications.
Because parents recognize messages from the schools are important, BPS tends to enjoy a healthy open rate on its digital products. Because of the vast numbers BPS products reach your message is sure to land on the eyes of folks you’ve targeted. Most BPS digital products reach:
• BPS families
• BPS employees
• BPS partners
• Brevard community members
BPS Headlines
BPS Headlines is the work horse publication for BPS reaching over 57,000 folks connected to BPS via Constant Contact to email addresses.
The publication is weekly and ads run monthly. Because this publication comes from a trusted source, it routinely returns a 35+ percent open rate. Advertisers may advertise seasonally, annually, or month to month. All ads hyperlink to a specific digital url of the advertiser, driving traffic to their landing page, social media page, or website.

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