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  Website Advertising
BPS website pages get about four million views monthly!
BPS welcomes four million views per month to its pages. Get your message seen by parents, employees, students, and the Brevard community. Advertising opportunities are limited and may require an annual contract. Message us for more details on how you can advertise on the Brevard Schools website!
Online School Menus
Thousands of parents and students view online school breakfast and lunch menus. Who doesn’t want to know what’s for lunch in the cafeteria? Menus are presented in a calendar format and are available on the following pages:
• Elementary breakfast • Secondary breakfast
• Elementary lunch • Secondary lunch
Column ads run on each of the four pages listed above and are sold separately. So, for example, if you buy elementary breakfast your ad will run on ALL elementary breakfast pages. Space is limited. Banner ad is sold to one advertiser and runs on ALL pages.
“Brevard Public Schools has been a valued advertising partner of The Avenue Viera for 3 years. Not only is the team incredible, but we see consistently strong traffic from our ad placements. We’re grateful for the relationship and look forward to continuing it in the future,” Michelle Reyes, marketing director, The Avenue Viera.

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