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 As residents of Central Florida, we can tell you that our community is well
in touch with our southern roots — and that means we love our school sports! Whether it’s baseball, football, swimming, lacrosse, you name it; school spirit resonates within the schools as well as students, parents, and alumni of all ages. Why not take the opportunity to let your brand soar by sponsoring one of these beloved teams?
Capture the deep rooted passion the community has for high school
sports by putting your brand right in the middle of all the action today. Partner with B2K12 to get started.
Outdoor Stadium and Gym Naming Rights
From the Spectrum Stadium at UCF to the Hardrock Stadium at the University of Miami, college football is no stranger to naming their stadium after the famous brands of their area. Who says high schools or even middle schools should be any different? Why can’t your brand be that brand?

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