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REACH teachers and school district employees who may need your products and services. Each year BPS hosts several special events, such as teacher training days, business partner conferences, or awards ceremonies. Sponsor these events to let public school employees know that you care and support their efforts with our most precious commodity, our children!
Some examples include:
Secondary Leading and Learning (SSL) Training
At the beginning of each school year, over 2,000 teachers meet at multiple sites for training. This is an excellent opportunity to show your commitment to our local schools. Opportunities include bag sponsorships, tabletop event, and signage.
Exceptional Student Education
Pathways (ESE) Training
Don’t miss your opportunity to get your brand in front of first year ESE teachers before the school year starts. Approximately 40 to 60 teachers attend each year. Opportunities include swag bags, table top displays, speaking opportunities for meal sponsorship, and signage.
New Teacher Academy
Want to get your name and message out in front of first year teachers and/ or brand new teachers just coming into the district? The New Teacher Academy trains about 350 teachers per year at multiple training sessions throughout the school year. Opportunities include bag sponsor, signage, swag bags, speaking opportunities, and handbook advertising.
Partners in Education (PIE) Kickoff Fair
This annual event hosts over 100 school coordinators in a one-day session. Sponsors are able to reserve their own partner table to greet attendees and start a conversation that leads to a meaningful partner relationship with schools.

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