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Thrive by Five
Thrive by Five provides a pathway for every family in Brevard to learn the importance of early literacy beginning at birth. Local hospitals provide bags with baby’s first book as families leave the hospitals after mothers have given birth. The bags (provided by BPS) contain material about milestones and resources available to young children. Sponsors are included in materials used to promote the program throughout the county.
Programs such as these help companies reach their corporate citizenship goals by helping underserved populations, equalizing opportunities for all citizens by building foundational structure to help build resilience. Studies show that reading is a pathway out of poverty and crime. Be a part of a program that show citizens that BPS is a resource available to them from birth.
STEAM Education
Many schools have special labs and classrooms to facilitate learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Because the lessons in these classrooms are hands on the students use up materials quickly. In order to sustain quality lessons in these classrooms, sponsorships are encouraged. These funds help purchase the materials needed for Maker Space, FUSE labs, robotics, and much more.
Partners in Education (PIE)
PIE sponsorships help fill immediate needs
at schools when situations arise. Some
schools are hosting food, hygiene, and school supply markets for their students. Other schools request help with boosting teacher morale through the purchase of supplies and incentives. The school-based PIE coordinator network helps your business connect with schools at a grass roots level so you’re sure your sponsorship supports specific schools.
“Partners in Education (PIE) has been a wonderful experience, both on a personal level and for my business. This partnership has allowed me the opportunity to fulfill my passion of giving back to the community, while supporting our teachers and students.”
“The relationships between my office and the PIE Coordinators, give me the opportunity to make
a greater impact by providing the schools with exactly what they need. At the same time, schools get to know who I am, and become familiar with my practice,” – Romia C. Goff, DMD, CAGS, Brilliant Smiles Orthodontics.

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