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The only proviso to that statement is so long as no EXTERIOR WORKINGS (over which Management has little or no control) require additional contingency monies which is, of course, why all lessees received the September Quarterly Demands with the additional non-voluntary contribution of £2000 each, so enabling reserves to amply fund any addi- tional expenditures.
If Management can be accused of anything, it's that we have failed to throw a terminal knock-out blow to finally silence a few very ill-informed, troublesome and thoroughly vindictive lessees, none of whom reside at Mitre House, some of whom have advanced the most silly ideas and opinions and indeed have been proved wrong on almost every occasion, the RTM, the various quotes they thought acceptable/affordable and worst of all their gerrymander- ing of fellow lessees to constantly bicker and question Management's exemplary husbandry of Mitre House since 1st January 2012.
The list of complaints, queries, innuendos, accusations and gossip since Management took over simply de- fies description - and all originating from just one or two sources. It's pathetic, juvenile and totally unjusti- fied as all and any queries have been well explained in hundreds of replies - and inevitably receiving back the predictable same inane reply each time, accusing Management (or indeed the same was endured by ALL our previous Agents) of not replying to the previous queries/comments/accusations/innuendos etc. It's end- less, repetitive and a total waste of Management's time let alone boring other lessees to death.
Well it's all over now. Your preferred contractor, A.R. Lawrence, was appointed. The budget of £115,019 [MY TYPO ERROR - SHOULD READ £105,019] was agreed firstly by Michele Hillgarth at a Management Board Meeting, and subsequently by other lessees who, like Michele Hillgarth, had been requiring/insisting on budgets almost double that of A.R.Lawrence with admittedly far more extensive Interior workings, which are NOT included within the agreed Surveyor's specifications - but due to Management's due diligence, common sense and professional ability, we will be accomplishing many additional workings which are not expected to be done (something pointed out to all lessees on numerous occasions) but the costs of which will remain within the agreed £105,019 budget. How, easy.
Examples of two very basic, very simple initial examples of how Management will accomplish this herculean task are outlined above and need no further comment nor explanation. If we save a pound somewhere, we can spend a pound on whatever is missing from the Surveyor's Specifications (electrics, emergency and communal lighting, the lift, etc etc). If we save a pound and spend two pounds, we will go over budget and any lessee can then chal- lenge the over expenditure if deemed unworthy once the accounts are finally published for the Service Charge YE2014.
If you cannot understand that (it's called robbing Peter to pay Paul), we really can't help you further and you should seek professional advice but not via an RTM....
Management would finally request that Flat 9 and now Flat 5, and indeed any other lessee with the same misguided and ill informed queries/complaints, to address their impertinent and totally irrelevant comments and queries to other lessees as opposed to Management, as we have made clear in our numerous reply emails to date that no further comments nor queries of an impertinent nature be further directed to Management. If you cannot understand what Management are doing to accomplish a first rate job, by saving money anywhere to spend on what we could not af- ford to do, simply wait until the works are completed and then make your comments as to whether well spent or not..
We are far too busy saving lessees (of which all four Management Directors also are) money, time and unnecessary disruption for longer than is required whilst these works progress to the total satisfaction of all lessees.
And that will be to a satisfaction that Management guarantee will please everybody save for the usual suspects, but even they will be impressed by 99% of our efforts on their behalf, leaving them the added dissatisfaction of continu- ing their vitriol as regards the disliked one per cent. We will not even ask the contented silent majority to make clear their satisfaction to the disaffected minority as, like Management, you'd be wasting your time! Nothing pleases them more than complaining.
This is our final word on the subject, as to date, the Comments Book has not received any adverse nor complimen- tary comments (ooops spoke too soon, see attached from Michele Hillgarth (Friday 12th @3.30pm) on behalf of, as she states, Flats 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9 - hence you being copied with the attached pdf).
And indeed, three years service charge accounts have also never had an adverse nor complimentary com- ment, in fact no comments whatsoever! Unusually unusual....without a doubt. And the dedicated 24/7 tele- phone has never ever received a call in THREE YEARS..... so we must doing something right - until that is, Michele's Friday diatribe! Suggest you break a habit of a lifetime Michele and relax and enjoy the ride - I can assure you and everybody else that Management knows exactly what they're doing and doing it in an exem- plary fashion.
The Section 20 answers every query posed by Flats 3, 5 and 9 in detail and requires no further explanation from Management if read alongside the Surveyor's Specifications for both Internal/External works sent to everybody months ago (and at least six to Michele Hillgarth to date) - anything NOT in these specifications is not being done unless Management can pull a rabbit out of the hat - and to date we've pulled two and can guarantee plenty more!

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