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Our Surveyor hopefully made clear exactly what I advised him to explain if contacted by you, and exactly as I had explained to you (to little avail), namely that certain works are NOT and never were included in the works specifications, such as lighting/electrics but are costed for within the overall budget of £105,019. How many more times do you have to be told?
Having spent half an hour with me on Tuesday complaining of wiring in places and advised by me yet again that the specs included removing redundant wiring where found, you still berated our surveyor on the same observations for the very same information. Are you deaf or just contrary? You also agreed to the installation of a communal TV Aerial which would also clean up all redundant tv & satellite on roof (your first visit in 40 years....) including your three cables which had absolutely nothing attached - just redundant cables and something you had no idea of.
Bizarrely, he also advised that you requested yet another copy of the works specifications - what are you doing with the four or five you've already received? Selling them?
I have now instructed our surveyor and A.R. Lawrence personnel to refer any contact from you direct to me and to not discuss any matter or supply any information nor documentation to which you have no right until such time as the works are completed.
You are quite the most duplicitous, scheming and ill-informed co-director I have ever encountered and look forward to seeing you at our registered office on 18th September where matters will be finally resolved. Might I suggest you bring along your cheque book to pay the very outstanding £2582.74 RTM invoice owed to Management.
Michele -
PS Signage UP - Savings UP - or would you prefer contractor's signs for six times the money .....? (comment) YES, yet more savings advised, known about, but not queried..!
And yet again, hopefully for the last time but does keep the whole story in context re: “game set and match” which you are quite correct, I do set great store in and so will any judge - my email to Mrs Hillgarth dated 13 September 2014 @ 11.07 - NOT to be confused with the “game, set and match” timed at 16.13h
On the two previous occasions you have visited my flat, namely to view the Tiffany lights in 2012 and the other day, Tuesday 9 Sept, to view the cabling etc etc you have subsequently caused mayhem.
As well documented, although you approved the Tiffany lamps and indeed agreed the lift should not be painted black (which Flat 9 were insisting on) you subsequently changed your mind on all points and as you'll recall, your comments were supposedly, as you said, what I wanted to hear! True but a bit devious.
And then following your recent Tuesday 9th visit, when I spent an hour showing you around, the roof, the rear fire-escape etc etc and explaining in detail any concerns which amounted to just redundant ca- bling and BT wiring - all of which are well documented as being attended to within the specifications, numerous copies of which you have received but seem incapable of comprehending and demanding more and more copies.
I even gave Phoebe the Hound some water..... hardly unfriendly nor un-neighbourly don't you think?
And you didn't even notice the new lift colour..... until I pointed it out..... amazing.
BUT - exactly as predicted, your visit was followed by emails accusing me of everything save for being a member of ISIS.
And then you contacted our surveyor troubling him with the exact same queries raised with me and re- questing yet another specifications, your fifth or even sixth...!

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