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Following Mrs Hillgarth’s visit on 9th September (9 days into the works schedule) I sent this email to my co-director, Segar Karupiah, on 9 September at midday
Dear Segar,
Michele turned up today and came to see me for a tour of the roof and other places.... she was only concerned with the untidy wiring on the fire escape etc ....nothing else - just kept insisting that I get BT etc in to sort out all old wiring anywhere - I explained an impossible task what with wires to tv, satellite, electrics, door bells, entryphone, telephone lines - but yes, any redundant old wires I was going to remove anyway -
She didn't mention the lift or notice it until I mentioned it..... ooooh she said, I like it very much...... and then said the lift cage could also be same clour - I just didn't believe it.....fantastic. She didn't mention anything else at all, nothing!
Suggest you refer back a page or two and re-read email on 13 September 2014 @ 11.07h - If that’s not also considered “game, set and match”, I’m not sure what could be - and yes both Segar and I have copies of the email..! Mind you, previous correspondence has identified this situation and scenario at least three times....
Mrs Hillgarth responded, in her now well established almost predictable way, to my email of 9th September on 11 September 2014 @11.06:
Following my visit at Mitre [House] on Tuesday, it appears that you are doing the internal work your- self, which is not what had been agreed at the board meeting on 23rd May 2014.
In the minutes of the meeting of 23rd May 2014, it says explicitly that A&R Lawrence have been ap- pointed to carry out the external and internal refurbishments and it also says that ‘PBC mentioned that savings could always be made by seeking independently sourced quotes for some of the works especially the internals.’ Could you elaborate on this and tell me who is doing what as far as the in- ternal is concerned? Or if you are the solo internal decorator?
I would like you to state exactly what internal work they are doing, and supply me a breakdown of the costs of the internal so that I know where we are.
I look forward to receiving the breakdown of costs and please try to keep it to the point, it’s a pretty simple exercise since you should have all the facts at your fingertips.
Best, Michele
(comment) no mention of lift...!
I replied to Mrs Hillgarth almost by return @11.35h on 11 September 2014: You're late my dear.... and cost me a lunch!
My bet was you'd be back with troublesome queries by midnight the day you visited!
I have already advised Flat 9 who posed the exact same queries that Management are proceeding on schedule on budget and best they await the finished workings throughout the building and once accounts are published, they can peruse all aspects.
I was not going to send the following information until Sunday, [(comment) hence the re- peated information in the now infamous “game set and match” email of 13th September @16.13h - so in truth you have two “game set and match” to consider along with a few others to follow and previous to this] but seeing as you've posed the query, it seems an opportune to send it now. But I can safely assure you that I personally am NOT doing the works solo...... they are being done by your preferred contractor A.R. Lawrence for the agreed budget of £115,019.[typo]

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