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I have, though, done the lift, which is NOT included in the Surveyor's Specifications, as advised to you in a previous email after your visit (I attach the quote (£11,602 incl. vat) to do what I have succeeded in doing for under £200 of spray paint. In fact I've actually done more than their quote speci- fied, considerably more!)
Since the scaffolding commenced installation on Sunday 31st August, exactly two weeks ago, Manage- ment have already saved Lessees exactly £1177.56 OFF the budgeted £105, 019.
This has been accomplished by Management stepping in and doing various workings which we knew could be done at a more economical cost (in brief, shop signage (COSTED BY A.R. LAWRENCE FOR £800 plus vat which Management have produced for £125.......and tidying up visible wiring and making Meter Cupboards which A.R.Lawrence costed at £922 plus Vat for 3 meter cupboards and Manage- ment have produced same for £648 TO ALSO INCLUDE BOXING IN THE LOOSE WIRING).
This initial saving of £1177.56 will not however be reimbursed to lessees at the end of the works, as Management will utilise this first of many savings, to progress works on the interior NOT included in the Surveyor's Specifications (such as the lift workings).
In brief, Management are attempting, and will succeed, in presenting the interior decor of Mitre House to a standard not even envisaged by most lessees, at no additional cost to lessees over and above the agreed £105,019 budget. This will be achieved by making small savings where possible, common sense, hard work and a great deal of thought.
The only proviso to that statement is so long as no EXTERIOR WORKINGS (over which Management has little or no control) require additional contingency monies which is, of course, why all lessees received the September Quarterly Demands with the additional non-voluntary contribution of £2000 each, so enabling reserves to amply fund any additional expenditures.
To date, Management nor the Comments Book have received any adverse nor complimentary com- ments. Long may that continue.
Management would finally request that Flat 9 and now Flat 5 address their impertinent and totally irrelevant comments and queries to other lessees as opposed to Management, who have made clear in their reply emails to date, including this one, that no further comments nor queries of an impertinent nature be further directed to Management.
We are far too busy saving lessees (of which all four Management Directors also are) money, time and disruption whilst these works progress.
And I've just wasted a valuable half hour putting this reply together instead of getting on with making Mitre House look beautiful by installing the rear scaffolding on my own....not easy, fancy coming over?
Don't you ever give up, Michele - firstly I'm accused of getting my flat done cheaply by A.R.Lawrence and now that I'm doing all the works. You must think me very stupid!
PS Don't let me down on my next bet that both you and Susanna will visit before the week-end.... to collect your key and mail no doubt.
And again I sent this email on 11 September 2014 @16.30h some five hours later from receipt of hers at 11.06h, to Mrs Hillgarth (by now you will be appreciating the difficulty of properly identifying stated emails without timings due the complexity of multiple dated - leaving aside your bizarre reluc- tance in page numbering your correspondence for ease of referencing information previously supplied etc - I doubt the judiciary will appreciate that lack of discipline):
Dear Michele -
Somewhat amused to now have to field yet more comments from Flat 3, following Flat 9 and your own ignorant comments. Why do you persist in causing bad feelings, misleading lessees like you did with the RTM affair and stirring up yet more disputes. Who's next to get in touch, Flats 1 and 8 one supposes as no doubt you've also attempted to poison their tranquility.

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