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So, yet again you have proved your total misunderstanding of the processes, schedules etc etc.
As regards the requested key, I attach an invoice along with a Statement all of which is self explanatory.
I did NOT refuse you a key but said I did not have a key yet. A comprehensive fortnightly works update will be sent to all lessees over the w/end which will include your Comments Book observations as I note you consider your com- ments to be also agreed by Flats 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9.
But significantly, the only lessees to have paid their Quarterlies to date are the three who opposed spending addi- tional funds over Reserves in hand. Those lessees like yourself that agreed to spend a small fortune despite Management's numerous warnings, are now on call to oblige.
(further reply) It might actually be useful at this early stage of what is patently correspondence riddled as ever with errors, to remind your client of various other pertinent emails between myself and other lessees including her goodself, all with relevance to the above “game, set and match” reference dated 13th September 2014 @16.13h, namely:
On 9th September 2014 @ 17.01h, I sent the following email to Mrs Hillgarth following her visit to both Mitre House and my flat and which also included photographs.
Dear Michele -
Lovely to see you and Phoebe looking so tanned and healthy.... Phoebe I mean!!!
I will contact BT to see if they can assist at an affordable cost. I'll do another test with the bronze/cop- per on the lift cage netting once steam cleaned later this week and let you know. So pleased you like the new lift colour which does compliment the wooden doors, the various brasswares and the partition windows, very effectively.
I attach the quote (£11,602 incl. vat) to do what I have succeeded in doing for under £200 of spray paint. In fact I've actually done more than their quote specified, considerably more!
I will keep an eye on the front porch, pigeon netting etc as indeed will I be doing on all aspects of the works, both exterior & interior.
Here attached is a copy of the Comments Book Notice - as briefly discussed, with me on site 24/7 there is no reason whatsoever for anybody to make contact with our site foreman, Eddie Connors, as I will contact him only when necessary so allowing the works to progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. Makes sense doesn't it?
Again, nice to see you and as I said, the place will look stunning once all finished but naturally any interior decor cannot please everybody 100%.
But you can be 100% certain that it will far exceed everybody's expectations leaving aside the anticipated objections from certain quarters - who, as you quite rightly pointed out when perusing our signage are thankfully becoming a dwindling few in our present sea of ignorant mediocrity.
If you get the chance, reduce them further, most especially tell Flat 9 to hold their peace till the works are completed!
PS I think our new brass doorplate sign sets the tone of the new look Mitre House set into a beau- tiful mahogany plinth to match the new mahogany handrails to be eventually installed in place of the battleship grey tin ones at present up the stairs.

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