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And do some lessees actually think that Management are so dishonest and devious as to attempt only asking certain lessees for funding. It's almost too pathetic to respond to.
Please reply by return as regards your windows and preferences re: tv install. Failing which your windows will not be repaired, will be painted closed making them almost inoperable until eased and tv cabling will be left tidily coiled outside your bedroom and sitting room windows for your personal install at your convenience at a later date - and expense.”
As stated - the above email dated auspiciously 13 September 2014 has to be “game set and match” as regards ALL of Mrs Hillgarth’s petty and erroneous accusations.
And if that’s still considered insufficient, this further email on 13 September 2014 @ 11.07h (NOT to be confused with the “game, set and match” timed at 16.13h) sent some five hours before the “game, set & match” 13 September @ 16.13h in case of doubt....
Michele -
On the two previous occasions you have visited my flat, namely to view the Tiffany lights in 2012 and the other day, Tuesday 9 Sept, to view the cabling etc etc you have subsequently caused mayhem.
As well documented, although you approved the Tiffany lamps and indeed agreed the lift should not be painted black (which Flat 9 were insisting on) you subsequently changed your mind on all points and as you'll recall, your comments were supposedly, as you said, what I wanted to hear! True but a bit devious. (comment) but typical - note vote rigging - changed your mind on all points!
And then following your recent Tuesday 9th visit, when I spent an hour showing you around, the roof, the rear fire-escape etc etc and explaining in detail any concerns which amounted to just redundant cabling and BT wiring - all of which are well documented as being attended to within the specifications, numerous copies of which you have received but seem incapable of comprehending and demanding more and more copies.
You’ll get the hang of it eventually!
I even gave Phoebe the Hound some water..... hardly unfriendly nor un-neighbourly don't you think?
And you didn't even notice the new lift colour - until I pointed it out..amazing. (my comment) ????? - ”game set and match” I would again propose seeing as this is referenced in at least 3 emails included here!!!
BUT - exactly as predicted, your visit was followed by emails accusing me of everything save for being a member of ISIS.
And then you contacted our surveyor troubling him with the exact same queries raised with me and requesting yet another specifications, your fifth or even sixth...!
Not only that, but you again commenced stirring up concerns with other lessees as to your imagined and mischievous comments.
On your unexpected and unannounced visit yesterday Friday mid afternoon (15.30) expecting me to be at your beck and call to collect a replacement front door key, you are quite correct, on hearing the unannounced knock on my door, I opened my door to see you hiding around the corner and I said, oh no, Michele, no more, I've had enough of your duplicity and I just don't trust you and in the present climate, it would not be advisable for us to be in contact unless others are present. And yes, I slammed the door.
If you want an appointment, make one in the normal way.
And I have just become aware of your misinformed comments in the communal Comments Book - the VERY FIRST RECEIVED.... as ever, you have no idea as to what you're talking about complaining no works in progress or workers on site. You obviously meant the interior (which isn't scheduled to commence until mid October (if you bothered to read the works schedule I sent everybody weeks ago) but didn't bother to check the scaffolding or roof where works & workers are in hand, ahead of schedule and on budget. (comment) Mrs “Property Developer” Hillgarth making what would appear to be a somewhat uneducated appraisal of a works’ schedule for nefarious reasons?

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