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Paul Brown-Constable Esq;  Flat 7, Mitre House 
124 King's Road, 
London SW3 4TP
9th Floor
Metro Building 1, Butterwick Hammersmith London W6 8DL
Tel: O20 8846 2705
9 December 2016
Dear Mr Brown-Constable,
 Mitre House Management Limited 
Thank you for your response to my letter dated 7 November 2016.
I note your continuing efforts to obfuscate the key issues — not least by repeating in full (no less than  four times) the entire text of your e-mail of 11 September 2014, by which you clearly set great store. (reply) I think you’ll find that the four fold repeated email, referenced “Game Set and Match” is actually dated 13th September 2014 @ 16.13h. The 11 September is, though, very similar in more “game set and match” info!  However in spite of all the correspondence, and several hundred pages of your irrelevant attachments designed to distract from the key issues, I think the picture is now pretty clear. It is time to summarise where things currently stand, and to identify the outstanding issues.
- here again in case of doubt is the four fold repeat as we do indeed set great store in it, in fact it’s a game changer, a check mate, own goal on your part or call it simply, “game set and match”
But beware - there are a few more within this lengthy response....:so peruse proficiently please. Mrs Hillgarth’s reference to the 13 Sept 2014 email is basically “game set and match” as both you and
she cannot possibly be making the various accusations you have been making to date: One third down the email is 3_Notes on the WORKS to date:
“Since the scaffolding commenced installation on Sunday 31st August, exactly two weeks ago, dead on schedule, Management have already saved Lessees £1177.56 OFF the agreed and budgeted £105, 019. (my comment) note reference to “savings made” - begs the question for what? But none was received.
This has been accomplished by Management doing various workings which could be done at a more economical cost (in brief, shop signage (COSTED (Contingency) BY A.R. LAWRENCE FOR £800 plus vat which Management have produced for £125.......and tidying up visible wiring and making Meter Cupboards which A.R.Lawrence costed at £922 plus Vat for 3 meter cupboards and Management have produced same for £648 incl vat but TO ALSO IN- CLUDE BOXING IN THE (some) LOOSE INTERNAL WIRING on all three floors).
This initial saving of £1177.56 will not however be reimbursed to lessees at the end of the works, as Management will utilise this first of many savings, to progress works on the interior NOT included in the Surveyor's Specifications (such as the lift workings).(my comment) note reference to “savings made, to be used to progress works on the interior NOT included in the Surveyor's Specifications (such as the lift workings - note please, “such as”)” - begs the question of ”who wanted the lift etc?”But none was received. And hardly indicating any final sum to be appropriated with reference to your, as ever ill-informed, innuendo of 30 times etc - exagger- ation to confuse no doubt! The court will see through that in seconds.
In brief, Management are attempting, and will succeed, in presenting the interior decor of Mitre House to a standard not even envisaged by most lessees, at no additional cost to lessees over and above the agreed £105,019 budget. This will be achieved by making small savings where possible, common sense, hard work and a great deal of thought.
The only proviso to that statement is so long as no EXTERIOR WORKINGS (over which Management has little or no control) require additional contingency monies which is, of course, why all lessees received the September Quarterly Demands with the additional non-voluntary contribution of £2000 each, so enabling reserves to amply fund any additional expenditures.
PFC Begg 

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