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  Adventures in Elf School
By Kristen Stafford
I have earned several certificates in my life, but by far, the most exciting and unique is my diploma in "Elfs and Hidden People" from the Elf school in Reykjavik, Iceland. Let me share with you my adventures in this amazing place.
It was a beautiful sunny day in Reykjavik. Our cruise ship was in port, and while most of our shipmates headed out to see the natural beauty of Iceland, my son Alden and I were zipping along in a taxi to Elf school. As we reached the end of the touristy part of town, there were no more English-language signs. The taxi driver dropped us off at a nondescript office building. We entered the building and found no English on the Directory. I was a bit nervous because it was eerily silent, and no one seemed to be around. We were finally able to figure out that the Elf school was on the 2nd floor. A man greeted us, informing us that Headmaster Magnus was running late.
He escorted us back to the classroom. It was a total folklore hoarder haven. There were floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books and all kinds of knick-knacks, many of them trolls and fairies. It was spotless – those trolls must know to dust! While my son and I sat there, the man worked on placing gnomes on the windowsill. He explained that workers had just replaced the windows yesterday. In addition to sunlight, multi-color Christmas lights illuminated the room.

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