Page 42 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
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   Sadly, our time at the school came to an end. Magnus signed our diplomas and offered us a ride back to our cruise ship. As he drove, he excitedly told us about the elf museum he was working on next.
I daydream about one day returning to Iceland and continuing my education at The Icelandic Elfschool and Museum.
I will leave you with one of the quotes Magnus wrote in the study book:
"No values in our life are permanent forever. The world can appear to you one day much different than before – So be ready for some new information in your life." - Magnus H. Skarphedinsson
Kristen Stafford loves collecting art, magic, mystical lore, and travels extensively to seek out new experiences, near and far.
A self-described “Halloweenist,” she hosts the splendid Halloween Art & Travel Podcast, where you can hear all about her latest travels and discoveries.
Photo L-R: Kristen, Magnus (with an elf!) and her son Alden, proudly displaying the diplomas they earned at the Elf School.
You can find Kristen by clicking the link below:

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