Page 49 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
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  We started this business to create a space that was dark, warm, and welcoming for other misfits and outsiders.
The Weeping Glass is the brainchild of two weirdo friends – Aaron and Kelly – both of whom share a fascination and inspiration in everything curiously morbid, oddly dark, and the beauty within it.
We love rust, moss, and broken dolls. We love the strange history of the human
existence. Be it medical mistakes, bizarre funerary customs, or mechanical nightmares in the name of science, we're interested.
We started as just two artists who traveled to horror conventions as vendors with a website and an Etsy shop. It eventually evolved into the birth of a 10-year annual event called The Atrocity Exhibition. We invited other like-minded artists and entertainers and were able to create an event that allowed us to bring what we had experienced on the road, back to Pittsburgh. As Atrocity came to it's ten year close, the itch to find a more permanent, condensed project was definitely in the back of our minds.
A common question was, "Do you have a physical shop?"
So with the timing of everything, we actively started looking into spaces. We were fortunate enough to fall into a Pittsburgh neighborhood called Allentown. It's the punk/ goth/metalhead business district that, unintentionally, has grown since we opened our doors. We're lucky to have some independent businesses around us who also share a darker aesthetic.

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