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Friday, Dec. 17, 2021
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Blew past 800 while “illustrating Chicago values”
A new year is upon us, and it has everyone asking about the Chicago violence stats.
The question that is often asked is “How many people were killed this year?”
So I visited a public source of information that has proven to be the most accurate and up to date regarding shootings and violent crime statistics in Chicago. The website,, has a moniker, “Illustrating Chicago Values,” and it includes simple-to- follow statistics including illustrated graphs, charts and maps. Most cops know of this website or at least have heard of it, but many of our nonpolice readers don’t.
At the time of this writing (5:30 p.m., Dec. 20, 2021), I point out that the men and women at noted that they temporarily paused their updating for “last minute Xmas shop- ping.” Although the most recent comment posted by heyjackass. com points out, “It’s the last weekend to get a complimentary five-finger discount from your preferred Michigan Ave boutique,” I’m sure their last-minute shopping is being done with their hard- earned money.
As of this writing, there has been a total of 830 homicides in Chicago in 2021 thus far, of which 781 were killed by way of gun- shot wounds. Year-to-date reported shootings: 4,431. (There is no way possible to have an accurate number of how many people were able to escape injury, fled the gunfire, never reported it to police, etc.)
It will be interesting how the numbers will change when hey- updates, but the number is guaranteed to go up, as they point out that a person is shot in Chicago every 1 hour, 54 minutes, and a person is killed in Chicago every 10 hours, 13 min- utes.
Thank you for your dedication and accurate reporting.
Happy New Year!

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