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Financial Secretary’s Report
Leaving for greener pastures
 Hello again, fellow officers and retirees. The current state of affairs in this Department is not good.
As a field representative at the FOP office, I re- ceive numerous calls from officers throughout the day seeking all sorts of information. The most troubling calls are from young officers who are looking to lateral to another department, seeking a leave of absence or just asking how to simply re- sign from the job. I would say that these calls are approaching a “three out of every 10” call ratio.
I do my best to allow the officers to vent, offer advice and even beg them to stay. I’m not ashamed to beg: These young, qualified officers are the future of this job! But with unfair poli- cies like vaccine mandates, COPA and a tyrannical mayor still in power, I can see why an officer would apply to a more conserva- tive and police-friendly state.
This affects us all on so many levels. The districts are com- pletely depleted of manpower, thereby increasing “denied time off” and cancellations of RDOs. Watches on all shifts are under- staffed, even 99 units on Third and most of First watches, tradi- tionally watches where officers worked 10–4.
The officers who remain feel increased stress and pressure and suffer potential safety issues from these shortages. I hear veteran officers complain that certain units are comprised of
“two-year wonders” or “blue-card police.” Well, these younger officers fled the understaffed districts looking for relief from the same shortages that we all are complaining about. For those of us with too much time on the job to transfer out but not enough time to retire, we need to ask ourselves, “Who is going to fund our pensions when we finally retire?”
An OEMC dispatcher has recently made statements to the media regarding these shortages and understaffing in districts, especially where many police officers and their families live. The FOP has been sounding this alarm for years, but it has fall- en on deaf ears.
This manpower shortage is nothing new, and it’s only going to get worse. This cannot go on like this, but politicians have been busy crafting laws to protect criminals and demonize the police just to appease the unwashed masses.
For those officers who are considering leaving the CPD, I un- derstand your frustrations. There was a social media post show- ing a recent graduating class at the academy. I’ve been on bigger softball teams than this last class! I offer congratulations to that recent graduating class and appeal to all who are still here on the job: Take promotional tests and become the leaders that this Department and City need.
I’d like to offer prayers and support to my friend Mike Alvara- do. Keep fighting, brother!
Please everyone, stay safe and back each other up!
Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?
There are a lot of stressors for Police Officers, and we can help!
The First Responders Wellness Center is a full psychological services center for only first responders and their direct families. All of the clinicians are former first responders or those who have worked directly with first responders.
We can provide confidential individual or couples therapy.
  Contact: 630-909-9094 or email at
South Side Location: 477 E. Butterfield Rd. Suite 408-410, Lombard Il 60148
North Side Location: 540 Frontage Rd. #2125 Northfield, Il 60093

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