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  “As law enforcement, we see individuals shot every day. It be- comes a norm to us, and it seems like this City, everybody is just becoming numb to it,” Junior submitted. “But when you see one of your own, these officers, they’re true heroes. Reacting as quickly as they did seeing a sister and a brother on the ground, I can’t even imagine.”
On a day of unprecedented recognition, Carlos and Brenda offered some unprecedented insight into what life has been like since Aug. 7. Listening to the accounts of enduring the hours and hours of rehab and therapy and what has inspired the re- covery illuminated how their journey has gone above and be- yond a miracle.
When you have been through what Carlos and Brenda have experienced, you have seen the light on the other side. It be- comes a beacon, a reassurance that someone upstairs has heard the prayers and answered them by allowing Carlos to achieve the miracle of walking and talking when, days after taking the five bullets, doctors told him he might never walk and talk again.
When you see that light, you know that going through seven hours of rehab a day – physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy – is all about the family. Support from the family and being with the family. And when you’re a cop, your police family.
Carlos has been able to push through the rehab to achieve the miracle largely because he is a cop. And because of Brenda and their beautiful boy, CJ, whose daily refrain, “I love you, Papi,” keeps Carlos coming back for more.
“He takes a lot of pride in taking care of me, his son and his family,” Brenda confided. “When you get married, your vows for sickness and in health, through good and bad, you really know the meaning of it when something like this happens. I don’t know what I would do without him, and I’m just feeling very grateful that we’ve come as far as we have.”
As Junior has worked his way to the miraculous recovery, he
Carlos Yanez Jr. addresses the crowd after presenting an award to the officers who saved his life on Aug. 7.
has heard from officers throughout the Department – as well as throughout the world – about how he has inspired them. And he wants you to know that it is you who have inspired him.
He revealed that the one who is inspiring him most is Ella. The only sad moment for him on this day came when talking about Ella. He appeared to be at a loss for words when confirm- ing that Ella is a loss the city will never replace, a void that will never be filled.
But then Junior lit up when disclosing how Ella has led him to a place alongside her mom, Elizabeth.
“I know where Ella got her strength from,” he praised. “When I met Ms. French for the first time, what an amazing woman. Her heart really does shine out. Oh my God, I love her. I told her
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