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 An emotional day culminates with Carlos and his wife Brenda sharing a kiss. SAVING CONTINUED FROM PAGE 35
she gained a new son and a new family. She has been there for me, and I’ll be there for her and whatever she needs.”
Carlos also explained how this path has introduced him to another father figure that every member should be grateful for. “John [Catanzara] has been very loyal and a man of his word,”
Junior added. “He’s done so much for my family and even for other officers. He goes above and beyond what it means to be president of the Fraternal Order of Police. He’s also a father to the police officers, and I love him.”
As he continued to convey thoughts, it was hard not to marvel
at how all those days, weeks and months in the hospital are so far in the rearview. But if you wonder what went through his mind during those times, well, Carlos wanted to tell you with a special message that culminated his comments.
“Just never forget why you got on the job, and it’s to help the community,” he began. “I know it’s been hard for us to be proactive because of the times we live in. Just seeing the crime happen, it’s very difficult for us to stand down and not chase an offender with a gun or just shoplifters. I know it’s terrifying to citizens on the street, but just stay positive and go home to your families at night. Go home and hug them tight. Hug them tight every time you go to work and just cherish that moment.”
Blas wanted this to be a moment in the sun for Carlos, so he stayed in the background. But when they finally came together for a hug, neither seemed to want to let go. Josh, too, comment- ed about the insatiable drive Carlos has always had and how it has accounted for this miracle. He, too, lauded Catanzara and the FOP, noting that anytime he has asked for something, the Lodge has responded.
But this day was also an opportunity to check on Josh. He is not back to work yet. But that is no reason to be down.
“I don’t know when I will be back. Just going through my own time, taking it one day at a time,” he reported. “To remember ev- erything is a little bit hard. I mean it never goes away. But to cel- ebrate everybody today, see everybody and remember how they came together and all did a part is very emotional. It’s great.”
The order of the day was not necessarily to praise Carlos or Josh, though Catanzara will remind members that they can nev- er do enough of that. Carlos and Josh came to honor the life sav- ers who responded as soon as the blood had been shed.
Elyse Rodriguez attempted to find the words to describe the emotion overcoming the group when she announced, “You are

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