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Dogged effort by 14th District officers, community lead to Toby’s safe return
Toby, a 2-year-old German shepherd from Albany Park, proved to be an escape artist when he went missing from a vet- erinarian’s office over Valentine’s Day weekend.
As scary as that was for owner Nelly Roa, the bitter cold and a heavy snowstorm created even greater worry for her. Roa and friends and neighbors took to social media and old-school searching to try to find Toby, but in the end the watchful eyes of 14th District officers located the pooch.
At a press conference attended by Roa and a clearly worn- out-by-the-attention Toby, Officer Juan Diaz explained how word circulated around the district to keep an eye out for the beloved pet gone missing. Things came together quickly as one off-duty officer spotted Toby while driving home. Word was re- layed to another officer on patrol and then to several in the area near Humboldt Park.
Diaz explained that a few officers had narrowed down Toby’s last known whereabouts, but the scared dog remained a little elusive for pick-up. Diaz called Roa to help bring Toby in. And that’s exactly what happened when officers finally caught up to Toby along Division Street.
“I called ‘Toby, Tobias’ ... his name in Spanish,” a thankful Roa said. “And then he came to me, a little scared, but then he came, and I hugged him. Since then, I haven’t let him go.”
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