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Snow day...snow worry
You knew it wouldn’t last forever. A generally mild winter gave way to a barrage of snowstorms and cold temperatures in January and February, but that didn’t keep CPD officers from lending their hands, backs and shovels to help keep neighborhoods moving safely. Whether clearing sidewalks, digging out fire hydrants or generally checking up on resi- dents, officers went above the call to serve the community.
     6th District
14th District
  12th District
  25th District
   Although cops and firefighters might be friendly rivals in sports and trade jokes at each other’s expense for fun, they’ve always got each other’s backs when it comes to protecting the city. Officers in the 12th District did their part by clearing snow-bur- ied fire hydrants.
Before the groundhog made his prediction about how much winter to expect, Mother Nature reminded Chi- cago on Feb. 1 how empty prognostications can be at times. Unfazed by it all, 6th District officers shoveled neighborhood sidewalks before the last flake fell — to the delight of residents, who flooded social media with compliments.
Just as no two snowflakes are alike, there are plenty of unique reasons to dig into the snow to clear a path for those who need a little help. That’s what happened in the 14th District, where CAPS officers learned a senior had to get to an urgent doctor’s visit. They quickly jumped into action to knock out deep piles of the white stuff to ensure the resident didn’t miss the appointment.
Going the extra mile, officers in the 25th District didn’t just bring out the shovels, they went door to door handing out food to residents who might have hunkered down to avoid the weather but could use a few things to get them by until their next trip to the store.
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