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Providing warmth in the 20th District
On Dec. 31, one of the coldest recorded days of 2020, officers in the 20th District extended some warmth to individuals expe- riencing homelessness.
Community members volunteered with the officers to deliv- er blankets and warm clothing around the Lincoln district. The group also visited an encampment of homeless individuals for a mass distribution of supplies.
   16th District puts residents on their backpacks
Officers from the 16th District 1662 team handed out navy blue backpacks to homeless people in Jefferson Park on Jan. 8. The backpacks were care packages filled with clothing, toilet- ries, nonperishable food, gift cards and resource information to help the homeless alleviate their hardships during the win- ter. The officers partnered with Faith Community Presbyterian Church to distribute the care packages and resource informa- tion to homeless people in the community.
Illinois Police, Fire and EMS
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