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14th District officers save
fellow officer and victim
who fell through ice
14th District Sergeant Daniel Sammons was the first to ar- rive at the scene after responding to a distress call about a male kneeling in the middle of the frozen Humboldt Park Lagoon at about 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 5.
Sammons, Officer Michael Olivares and field training officers Eric Bittner and Christopher Reyes were under the impression it was a child, but they soon realized it was a man. The officers no- ticed the man was not in his right state of mind, wasn’t dressed properly for the weather and needed help.
In the dark, Sammons carefully helped the man to walk back toward the shoreline as quickly as they could, but the ice began to crack. They had reached an “island” of ice 20 feet off the shore when the ice broke and the two fell through. The other respond- ing officers, knee-deep in freezing water, acted quickly to save Sammons and the victim.
16th District officers buy Xbox for a little boy
When 16th District officers Paul Heyden, Michael Parker, William Wojcik and Joanna Cwiakala noticed a little boy’s Xbox was damaged through no fault of his own, they decided to step up and buy a new console for him.
Heyden led the way to organize a fundraiser within the de- partment and collected donations at roll calls. Through the department’s donations, the four officers were able to buy an Xbox, several games and clothing for the boy on Jan. 18.
“He was super-appreciative when we brought the new Xbox for him,” Parker remarked.
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